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Expect to enlarge the market;Even if the direction is wrong, you can set a stop loss.and you can solve the problem of inaccurate opening positions by adding several positions before the stop loss is reached.

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EA Name Godness Feature 1 Big trend+fault tolerance Functions 1 The expectation of this strategy is mainly to make a big trend. In theory, it is a market that is either long or short, but the market is not achieved overnight. 2 When the market reaches a new high (a certain period of length), go long; when the market reaches a new low (a certain period of length), go short. 3 After going long, immediately set an original stop loss, the original stop loss is based on the distance from the lowest point of the previous length (default 100) K-line to the sl_factor (can be set) times the opening price (downward sl_factor times the distance). 4 After going long,if the market price rises sharply, there will be a protective stop loss after running prost_ser times the price distance, and the position will be closed when the reverse condition is met or the market price is pulled back by a price percentage (back_factor) from the lowest point; 5 If there is a pullback in the market (there is no big market, but a fall),add the order according to the percentage of price (dis_ser) as the distance for adding the orders. After adding a order, set stop loss and take profit, and the stop loss for adding a order is uniformly set at the stop loss when the first order is opened; The take profit is set to the position that is tpcount distance (dis_ser times the opening price) from the position of the addition. 6 Short trading is the opposite of long trading. 7 This strategy opens multiple orders in the same direction at the same time after adding positions. 8 This strategy performs well on highly trending symbols. Applicable Market 1 Trend Quotes Notes 1 The parameters in the strategy can be set according to the test of the symbol. 2 The position of the strategy needs to be set by yourself according to your ability to bear losses (the default position is different from the test position). 3 This strategy can be used on trending symbols. Parameters 1 Lots: Trade volume.. 2 magics : EA magic. 3 dis_ser : Add Position interval distance. 4 length : How many periods of high and low points of the K-line to create (necessary for opening and closing positions). 5 sl_factor : Stop loss factor, after opening a position, the first stop loss is set at the length K line to the high and low points of the opening price sl_factor times. It can be tested specifically. 6 back_factor : After opening a position, there is a big market situation, and there must be a big drop after a big rise. At this time, you can control the risk by closing the position through the highest price retracement. 7 tpcount : After adding a position, the take profit will be unified, and the take profit will be placed at the distance above (below) tpcount times the dis_ser distance of the last addition price. 8 prost_ser : After opening a order, if there is no increase in the position, the market can set a breakeven stop loss for the first order when the market reaches a prost_ser percentage position of the opening price. Advice and Risk: 1 It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 2 The profitability of this strategy test does not guarantee that the real offer will be profitable in the future. 3 This strategy can be used in a symbol of market trends that are easy to follow (XAUUSD, USOIL, US30), etc.