Trend type MT4 Aberration
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This is a classic CTA strategy, similar to the band line strategy, which makes a trend market and breaks through the shock range to buy. If the market continues to go, it will hold it until it goes long, falls below the midline of the band line, or closes short and rises above the middle rail of the band line.

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EA Name Aberration Feature Trend trading System description 1. Aberration trading system was invented by Keith fitschen in 1986. Keith fitschen commercialized and released the system in 1993. From the date of release,The performance of the system has always been among the best. In the performance ranking of the published trading systems in 1997, 2001 and 2005, the system ranks in the top 10. Characteristics of the trading system It is traded in 8 different varieties at the same time, including grain, meat, metal, energy, foreign exchange, finance and stock index futures. Transaction frequency of aberration trading system Often trade a certain variety 3-4 times a year, hold positions 60% of the time, and hold positions for an average of 60 days per transaction. It makes huge profits by capturing trends through long-term trading. 2. How can it make up for the loss? Because it trades in multiple unrelated markets at the same time, when one variety loses, another variety may gain. In a year,There is always one or more varieties that can make huge profits. These big profits make up for the small losses in the trendless market. Aberration trading system for funds Carry out portfolio. Functions 1. The main core idea of this strategy is to make the general trend, and the core idea is to grasp the general market. 2. Aberration is a channel breakthrough system, but its upper and lower channels are determined by volatility. 3. Determination of upper and lower tracks: Aberration is composed of three channel lines, in which the middle track is the moving average (avema) of a certain period, and the upper and lower tracks are the middle tracks, plus or minus a certain price standard deviation (stdvalue), It is the familiar brin line. The system structure is very simple and beautiful. The specific calculation process is as follows: (1) Calculated middle track: AveMa = Average(Close[1],Length); (2) Calculated standard deviation: stdvalue = StandardDev (close [1], length); (3) Calculated upper track: UpperBand = Avema+StdDevUp*StdValue; (StdDevUp is the upper track parameter) (4) Calculated lower track: LowerBand = Avema-StdDevDn*StdValue; (StdDevDn is the lower track parameter) 4. Long and short conditions: Long: the closing price breaks through the upper track to open long positions, and falls below the middle track to leave the market; Short: the closing price falls below the lower track to open short positions, breaks through the middle track and leaves the market; 5. The strategy framework has clear logic and strong reusability. It can be debugged in real time through interactive function. 6. Stable operation, perfect detail handling, support multiple varieties to place orders at the same time, and control the opening volume respectively. Applicable Market Large period and trend market Notes 1. The best strategy is to use multiple varieties and markets at the same time, which can offset losses. 2. Various parameters of the strategy can be set according to their own understanding of the market and can be adjusted in real time. Parameter Lots: Trade Volume . Magics : EA magic. Length : Length of moving average App_price : Application price of moving average Ma_method : Moving average type StdDevUp : StddevUp is the upper track parameter StdDevDn : StddevDp is the lower track parameter Slpoint : Strategy stop loss. Tppoint : Strategy take profit. Advice and Risk: 1. It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 2. This tool does not guarantee that it will be profitable in the future. 3. It is better to use strategies on varieties with large market symbol.