Grid type MT4 AutoRobot
Return on cycle+41.25%
Cycle of back testing(2020.06.01 - 2022.08.23)
Applicable Platform
Applicable productsEURUSD, GBPUSD,XAUUSD , etc.
Last Updated Time2022-08-26
Authorization cyclePermanent

Backtesting data does not represent future performance

The autorobot mainly makes trends after filtering the shock range. For example, if the gold price fluctuates between 1550 and 1500, the strategy will be short at 1500 and long at 1550. After a loss, the next order will be overweight until it makes a profit or trades back and forth for many times.

USD 0.99 USD 280.00 1000+ people paid
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Historical trend
EA Description
Name of EA: AutoRobot Feature: 1 Suitable for trending and volatile markets Functions: 1 It’s a strategy to break through between the two lines of K line, Yin and Yang. 2 The strategy is to trade back and forth between two prices, go long above and go short below. 3 It will make profits swiftly once the market breaks through and goes far away from the fixed range. 4 The strategy will fully close the position once the gross profits surpass the pre-set profit value. 5 The strategy is to open position according to the Yin and Yang lines of the last K line, Yin for short and Yang for long. 6 The strategy sets differentiated range distances in line with the market changes to minimize risks and stabilize profits. 7 There is no stop loss set in this strategy, so users need to control their own risk. Markets Catered: 1 Markets at the end of volatile period and the emergence of trend Note: 1 Life cycle: any cycle 2 Account deposit: from $1,000 3 Trading position: from 0.01, set by users themselves based on their risk-taking capacity Parameters: 1 Lots: trading lots 2 maxorders: maximum number of open trades at the same time (Stop-Profit point) 3 dispoint: range 4 add times: adding to positions times 5 magics: EA Magic Number Test Description: Test duration: Jan 2019-May 2020 Test instrument: EURUSD Test period: H4 Test parameters: Lots = 0.1 maxorders = 6 tpmoney = 30 dispoint = 500 add_times = 1.5