Shock MT4 Shocks Mor
Return on cycle+34.53%
Cycle of back testing(2020.06.01 - 2022.08.23)
Applicable Platform
Applicable productsEURGBP, EURCHF ,GBPCHF , etc.
Last Updated Time2022-08-26
Authorization cyclePermanent

Backtesting data does not represent future performance

ShocksMor is mainly aimed at the shock market of cross market. It is mainly to do cross market when the disk fluctuation is small in Asian time. During this period, the market fluctuation is generally small. In this case, it is easy to do shock market and have better harvest It mainly uses the double track indicator envelope, which is short on the upper track and long on the lower track.

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EA Description
Name of EA: ShocksMor Feature: 1 Selection of trading period in accordance with volatile market conditions Functions: 1 This strategy is designed for volatile market conditions. 2 Position-opening is executed through Upper/Lower Envelopes within a fixed time frame. 3 Short-selling is made at a relatively high position and going-long at a lower position. 4 A stop-loss or take-profit point is set following the completion of an order. 5 Different parameters can be set according to constantly changing market prices as a way to cope with volatility of varied instruments. Markets Catered: 1 Volatile markets Note: 1 Life cycle: any cycle 2 Account deposit: from 1000 USD 3 Trading position: from 0.01, set by users themselves based on their risk-taking capacity 4 The trading period needs to be set by users themselves - usually the same as the period when market prices fluctuate wildly. Investment Advice & Risk Warning: 1 Strategy testing on different platforms may cause some deviations. 2 It is advised that users use this strategy on a real account after successful trials on a demo account or mini account. 3 This strategy performs better in cross currency pairs. Parameters: 1 Lots: trading lots 2 slpoint: stop-loss point 3 tppoint: take-profit point 4 magics: EA Magic Number 5 Envelop period: period of indicators 6 timestart: the time when a position is opened 7 timeend: the time when a position is closed Test Description: Test instrument: EURGBP Test period: M15 Test lot: 0.5 Test Parameters: Look at Strategy Tester Report