Comprehensive type MT4 SmartLimit
Return on cycle+39.62%
Cycle of back testing(2022.01.01 - 2022.08.23)
Applicable Platform
Applicable productsEURUSD,XAUUSD,etc.
Last Updated Time2022-08-26
Authorization cyclePermanent

Backtesting data does not represent future performance

This strategy is a hanging order strategy, which is mainly used to shock the market, hold positions at the same time, and open multiple orders. Under the shock market, the orders will stop the profit back and forth You can set parameters according to the size of the market.

USD 0.99 USD 280.00 1500+ people paid
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Historical trend
EA Description
EA Name SmartLimit Feature 1 Pending order Functions 1 It is based on pending order strategy 2 It performs excellently in volatile markets 3 It allows long/short position meanwhile 4 It closes positions at profit targets 5 It sets different parameters according to market changes in the face of different volatility 6 There is no stop loss set in this strategy, so users need to control their own risk. Applicable Market 1 Volatile market Notes 1 Orders will be placed automatically by the EA once is is running. Test before trading. 2 Life cycle: Any circle 3 Deposit: min 1000 USD 4 Position: min 0.01 lots and set according to your risk appetite Parameters 1 Lots: trade volume 2 addlot: add a position (default 0) 3 dispoint: pending order distance 4 tpmoney: all positions to be closed once your profits reaches the amount 5 magics: Magic No. Advice and Risk 1 Errors may occur under different testing environments 2 It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade 3 The test result does not guarantee future returns Test Description Time duration: 2019.01-2020.05 Symbol: EURUSD Period: H1 Parameters: Look at Strategy Tester Report