Trend type MT4 Lucky
Return on cycle+71.24%
Cycle of back testing(2020.12.01 - 2021.08.23)
Applicable Platform
Applicable productsXAUUSD
Last Updated Time2022-08-26
Authorization cyclePermanent

Backtesting data does not represent future performance

The Lucky guides trading according to the indicator SAR. SAR is a trend indicator. Setting a stop loss can hold a larger profit in the big market.

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Historical trend
EA Description
EA Name Lucky Feature 1 Trend trading Functions 1 This strategy is a trend strategy. 2 This strategy trades according to the indicator SAR. 3 When the SAR direction changes, open the position and close the position in time. 4 This strategy performs well in the general market trend. 5 It may be better to use this EA in combination with manual work. 6 At the same time, this strategy will only have a position in one direction. 7 You can set stop loss, stop profit and trail stop according to your own needs. 8 This strategy will have different test results in different symbol or Broker or period. Please refer to the actual test results of the customer. Applicable Market 1 Trend Notes 1 Use Period: H4 2 Acount : Min 10000 USD 3 Symbol : XAUUSD 4 Trade volume: min 0.01 lots and set according to your risk appetite. Parameters 1 Lots: Trade volume 2 slpoint : Stop loss Point 3 tppoint : Take Profit Point 4 magics : EA magic 5 step : Sar step Parameter 6 maximum : Sar maximum Parameter 5 open_trailstop : trail stop switch 6 tspoint : trail stop point Advice and Risk: 1 Errors may occur under different testing environments. 2 It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 3 The test result does not guarantee future returns. Test Description: See test report for details