Trend type MT4 GoldRight
Return on cycle+47.43%
Cycle of back testing(2021.06.01 - 2022.08.22)
Applicable Platform
Applicable productsETHUSDT
Last Updated Time2022-08-26
Authorization cyclePermanent

Backtesting data does not represent future performance

This strategy is mainly based on the trend strategy designed by Ethereum of digital currency. The main indicators used are MACD and move stop loss

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EA Description
EA Name GoldRight Feature 1 Trend trading Functions 1 This strategy is a trend trading strategy. 2 MACD column is greater than 0 and greater than the height of the previous column (the column increases gradually), K line reaches a new high, open long and close short. 3 MACD column is less than 0 and less than the height of the previous column (the column gradually decreases), K line creates a new bottom, open short and close long. 4 Stop loss and profit can be set when opening a position. 5 After opening, you can use moving stop and Protective stop. 6 As this EA is developed for the cryptocurrency ethusd, some Market maker providers will have ethusd symbol. 7 The stop loss, stop profit, moving stop loss and protection stop loss of this strategy are set according to the Scale factor of opening price, because cryptocurrency is relatively volatile Applicable Market 1 Trend Notes 1 Use Period: M30 2 Acount : Min 10000 USD 3 Symbol : ETHUSD 4 Trade volume: min 0.1 lots and set according to your risk appetite. Parameters 1 Lots: Trade volume 2 magics : EA magic 3 Open_Ma : Opening average 4 Close_Ma : Closing average 1 Lots: Trade volume. 2 magics : EA magic 3 fast ema : MACD Fast ema (MACD parameter). 4 slow ema : MACD slow ema (MACD parameter). 5 Signal : MACD Signal (MACD parameter). 6 tppoint_per : profit stopping factor; For example, if the stop profit factor is 0.1, the long position stop profit distance is set at 1.1 times the opening price. 7 slpoint_per : loss stopping factor; For example, if the stop loss factor is 0.1, the long position stop loss distance is set at 0.9 times the opening price. 8 tspoint_per : Moving Stop Loss factor; For example, if the Moving Stop Loss factor is 0.1.the opening price is greater than 1.1 times the opening price. Start the moving stop loss function, and the stop loss moves upward after starting. 9 protectstart_per : protection stop loss factor; the opening price * factor are used the protection starting position. After starting, long position set the stop loss at the cost line * (1 + protectpoint_per) . 10 protectpoint_per : Protection stop loss protection factor,opening price * factor as protection position. 11 kcount : Number of k lines (new high and new low of K-line in how many count ) Advice and Risk: 1 Errors may occur under different testing environments. 2 It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 3 The test result does not guarantee future returns. 4 This strategy only works well on Ethereum. Test Description: 1 See test report for details 2 This strategy is mainly aimed at ethusd, and Ethereum will be available on some mt4 platforms.