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Backtest income in past year:+139.94%
This is a classic CTA strategy, similar to the band line strategy, which makes a trend market and breaks through the shock range to buy. If the market continues to go, it will hold it until it goes long, falls below the midline of the band line, or closes short and rises above the middle rail of the band line.
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Trend type


Backtest income in past year:+198.37%
Do the general trend market. The general trend market is not achieved overnight on the way to rise, but take three steps upward and two steps back. When the correction is made, we will make a correction. When the market is sustainable, the order we make during the correction will have a large profit
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$ 1.99 $980.00

Trend type


Backtest income in past year:+121.02%
This strategy is mainly based on the trend strategy designed by Ethereum of digital currency. The main indicators used are MACD and move stop loss
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$ 1.99 $980.00

Trend type


Backtest income in past year:+68.49%
The trend breakthrough uses the K-line of the number of period to open the position. After opening the position, set an initial stop loss and use the continuous moving stop loss to close the position. This strategy makes an objective profit in the general trend market, such as the Dow Jones index
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Trend type


Backtest income in past year:+337.81%
Deep traders are trend strategies, mainly trend positions Break through the form of moving average and K-line to jointly make the opening signal, increase the position with profit after opening, and close the position with overall amount profit.
101 people paid
$ 1.99 $280.00
Trend type
Return on cycle+193.60%
Cycle of back testing(2020.11.30 - 2021.12.10)
Applicable Platform
Applicable productsXAUUSD etc.
Last Updated Time2021-12-15
Authorization cyclePermanent

Backtesting data does not represent future performance

R-breaker is a classic intra day CTA strategy. Through the summary of yesterday's market, we can get a breakthrough range and shock range value. For more details, we can search the Internet by ourselves. This strategy can make a breakthrough or reverse the market, and adapt to the market by changing the signal continuously

$ 1.99 $ 980.00 64 people paid
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Advanced Statistics


XAUUSD (Spot Gold)

Initial Capital


Total Net Profit


Total Profit


Total Loss


Profit Factor


Expected profit


Total Trades


Sell Order (of total profit)

24 (50.00%)

Buy Order (of total profit)

34 (58.82%)

Profit (of total)

32 (55.17%)

Loss (of total)

26 (44.83%)

Max Profit


Max Loss


Average Profit


Average Loss


Max Consecutive Profit

$9375.00 (7)

Max Consecutive Loss

$-1708.00 (4)

Max Times of Consecutive Profit

7 (9375.00)

Max Times of Consecutive Loss

4 (-1708.00)

Average Consecutive Profit


Average Consecutive Loss


EA Description
EA Name R-Breaker Feature 1 Trend trading Functions 1 R-Breaker is an intra-day turnaround strategy, which belongs to short-term trading. Baidu has a more detailed introduction and settings. 2 Intra-day turnaround trading refers to the sell or buy of an object on the same day after it has been buy or sell. 3 Intra-day turnaround trading makes profits through short-term fluctuations of the underlying, buys low and sells high, with short time and strong speculation, which is suitable for short-term investors. 4 R-breaker is mainly divided into two parts: reversal and trend. Follow the trend when you are no positions and wait for the reversal signal when you are holding position. 5 The price points of reversal and trend breakthrough are calculated according to the closing price, the highest price and the lowest price of the previous trading day, which are: breaking through the buying price, observing the selling price, reversing the selling price, reversing the buying price, observing the buying price and breaking through the selling price. 6 observing the selling price (ssetup) = high + a * (close – low) observing the buying price (bsetup) = low – a * (high – close) reversing the selling price(Senter) = b * (high + low) + c * (high - low) reversing the buying price(Benter) = b * (high + low) - c * (high - low) breaking through the selling pric(Sbreak) = Bsetup - d * (Ssetup – Bsetup). breaking through the buying price(Bbreak) = Ssetup + d * (Ssetup – Bsetup). 7 When no position, trend strategy If the price > breaks through the buying price, open the position and go long If the price < break through the selling price, open the position and short 8 When holding a position, reverse the strategy. If the daily highest price > observe the selling price, and then fall, resulting in the price < reverse the selling price, open the short position or backhand (close the position first and then reverse the opening) short position. If the daily lowest price < observe the buying price, and then rise, resulting in the price > reverse the buying price, open a long position or backhand (close the position first and then reverse the opening) long position. 9 The intra-day strategy requires closing positions five minutes before the close. 10 According to the situation, open more orders once a day and open more empty orders once a day. 11 Set a moving stop after opening. Applicable Market 1 Trend Notes 1 Use Period: M15 2 Acount : Min 10000 USD 3 Symbol : XAUUSD 4 Trade volume: min 0.1 lots and set according to your risk appetite. Parameters 1 Lots: Trade volume. 2 magics : EA magic. 3 a : Parameter adjustment of calculation formula of observed buying price and observed selling price 4 b : Parameter adjustment of calculation formula of reversing buying price and reversing selling price 5 c : Parameter adjustment of calculation formula of reversing buying price and reversing selling price 6 d : Parameter adjustment of calculation formula of breaking through buying price and breaking through selling price 7 tspoint_per : Moving Stop Loss factor; For example, if the Moving Stop Loss factor is 0.01. the opening price is greater than 1.1 times the opening price. Start the moving stop loss function, and the stop loss moves upward after starting. Advice and Risk: 1 Errors may occur under different testing environments. 2 It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 3 The test result does not guarantee future returns. 4 This strategy only works well on xauusd. Test Description: 1 See test report for details
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