This tool is an indicator, which can effectively identify the position of the pressure line and support line of the market. Support line: when the market falls to a certain price, the Bulls think it is profitable and buy a large number of targets, so that the price will not fall or even rise. The level at which prices fall is called the support line. The resistance line is also called the resistance line. When the price rises near a certain price, the share price will stop rising or even fall, which is caused by the short selling here.
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This tool will draw a shock range according to the market. We can guide us to do trading according to the shock range. We can either break through the trend market (break through the high and low points), or do the shock high throw low absorb market.
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This tool is a semi-automatic transaction. Users can realize semi-automatic position adding transactions according to this tool, or quickly open and close positions on the chart.
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The winners of hedging are crude oil hedging, which are instrumental strategies and need to modify parameters manually. The hedging strategy is mainly based on the correlation trend of symbol with strong correlation. When their price difference deviates from a normal range, one is long and the other is short, and they can make money when the price callback
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MT4 Local Follow System

The tracking system adopts MT4 terminal to follow others' orders with low delay.
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Backtesting data does not represent future performance

Athena is a kind of instrumental strategy, which is mainly designed for the big market like non-agricultural market. When the big market appears, it is either up or down. At this time, each of the top and bottom hangs a order, with multiple orders on the top and short orders on the bottom. In this way, when the big market comes, there will always be orders in one direction, In this way, the transaction order can make money in this big market through the inertia of the market.

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EA Description
EA Name Athena Feature 1 Trend trading Functions 1 This strategy uses EA as a tool, which needs to be combined with manual trading. 2 The central idea of this strategy is to do the big trend market when the data comes. 3 The effectiveness of this strategy before 2014 is very good. Some people make several times of money every year through this strategy. 4 This strategy allows users to set the time in advance. The setting time is to set the hour, minute, and second of the day. Each setting will only take effect once, or wait for the same time on the next day to take effect again. 5 The time setting of this strategy uses server time, which is the time on MT4, not local time.. 5 This strategy will place a stop order at the upper and lower X points of the closing price when the set time comes. The upper part is the buystop order and the lower is the selltop order 6 If the data quotation comes, if the quotation is up, the buystop order will be traded, and the sellstop of the short order will be deleted (representing the wrong direction). 7 If the data market comes, if the market goes down, the sellstop empty order is traded, and the buystop of the long order is deleted (representing the wrong direction). 8 After the order is opened, you can flexibly use a fixed stop loss or a moving stop loss to exit the market. 9 After the pending order, the market will not automatically cancel the order. If there is no transaction for a long time, the user can consider closing the EA and manually cancel the pending order. 10 This strategy needs to have a prediction for the market, and it is easier for mature traders to use it. It is best to use it when there are several market quotations. Uninstall it in time after use. Applicable Market 1 Big data Quotes Notes 1 This strategy needs to have a pre-judgment for the market, and it is easier for mature traders to use it. It is best to use it when there are several market conditions. 2 By default, this strategy is to set two stop orders at 0 o'clock, so it is best to uninstall the strategy when it is not needed. 3 The various parameters of the strategy can be set according to your own understanding of the market. 4 Stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop loss are all calculated in points. 5 The time setting needs to be set in advance, and it cannot be set until the data market is about to happen. Noun interpretation Point: A unit that represents market fluctuations. 1 If the price of gold is 1600.27, then the size of a point is equal to 0.01, 100 points = 1, and 1600 to 1601 is 100 points. 2 If the price of gold is 1600.271, then the size of a point is equal to 0.001, 100 points represents 0.1, and 1600 to 1601 is 1000 points. Pending order: It means that the transaction will not be completed in time, but the order will be executed when the price reaches the fixed price. Data market: When non-farm and other major economic data comes, the market will fluctuate sharply, and you can use this as an opportunity to make transactions. Parameters 1 Lots: Trade volume.. 2 magics : EA magic. 3 dispoint : Pending order points, (arrived at the set time, above the closing price: long orders at close+dispoint points, short orders at close-dispoint points). 4 OpenTime : The time to open a pending order (the default is 0 o'clock, you need to set it in advance according to the time of the sudden market) 5 slpoint : The number of stop loss points after the pending order 6 tppoint : Take profit points after the pending order 7 tsstart : The starting point of the trailing stop loss. For example, the starting point of the trailing stop loss is 300, which means that the trailing stop loss function will be activated after the order has made a profit of 300 points. 8 tspoint : Trailing stop loss callback points, for example, the trailing stop loss callback points are 300, which means that after the order is profitable, if it is a long order, the highest point will be adjusted back by 300 points to close the position.If the highest point keeps going up, the stop loss will also move up until the market drops by 300 points, triggering the stop loss to close the position. The empty order moves the stop loss on the contrary. Advice and Risk: 1 It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 2 This tool does not guarantee that it will be profitable in the future. 3 It is better to use strategies on varieties with large market symbol..
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