Backtest income in past year:+47.24%
Ares uses CCI index deviation for trading. Deviation refers to the market's new low value. If the indicator's value is not new low, it is the bottom deviation at the bottom, or the market's value is new high. If the indicator's value is not new high, it is the top deviation at the top. This is the so-called deviation. The formation of deviation is when it is estimated that the market has reached an extreme situation and is about to go in the opposite direction, Long when the market deviates from the bottom and short when the market deviates from the top.
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Backtest income in past year:+36.97%
This strategy is mainly to make orders according to the boll line, short high and long low, then set the profit stop position, add positions at a loss, and return to this position after adding positions
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$ 1.99 $980.00



Backtest income in past year:+28.69%
Hunters mainly aim at the short jump market. When the market suddenly rises for a large moment on the way up, the strategy predicts that there will be a large market. At this time, the strategy will go long and set a small profit stop and a large loss stop, so that the winning rate will be very high.
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Shocks Mor

Backtest income in past year:+30.52%
ShocksMor is mainly aimed at the shock market of cross market. It is mainly to do cross market when the disk fluctuation is small in Asian time. During this period, the market fluctuation is generally small. In this case, it is easy to do shock market and have better harvest It mainly uses the double track indicator envelope, which is short on the upper track and long on the lower track.
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Backtest income in past year:+49.75%
Aegis is a shock strategy, which mainly uses two moving averages. When the distance is close, RSI is long at the bottom The two moving averages are close, indicating that they are in the range of shock At this time, RSI is at the bottom again, which can shock and do long
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Return on cycle+134.11%
Cycle of back testing(2018.01.01 - 2022.03.02)
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Backtesting data does not represent future performance

When the market goes to a relatively extreme (for example, when the market has risen for a long time), Because the market is a long short game, the probability of market reversal and U-turn down is very high. This strategy will short at this time, which can often obtain a high winning rate and profit loss ratio.

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GBPAUD (Great Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar)

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Total Trades


Sell Order (of total profit)

23 (43.48%)

Buy Order (of total profit)

33 (45.45%)

Profit (of total)

25 (44.64%)

Loss (of total)

31 (55.36%)

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Max Consecutive Profit

$6171.23 (6)

Max Consecutive Loss

$-2464.51 (6)

Max Times of Consecutive Profit

6 (6171.23)

Max Times of Consecutive Loss

6 (-2464.51)

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EA Description
EA Name Apollo Feature 1 reversal trading Functions 1 This strategy is mainly used to reverse the market, which is written according to the average directional indicator (ADX). 2 ADX indicator is an indicator to measure the intensity of trend ADX looks the same whether it's up or down. The larger the value of ADX, the more obvious the trend is. 3 When measuring the trend intensity, it is necessary to compare the ADX values of several days to observe whether the ADX is rising or falling. The value of ADX rises, which means the trend becomes stronger; If the ADX value decreases, it means that the trend weakens 4 ADX formula calculation: Calculation trend change Up: today's highest price – yesterday's highest price Down: yesterday's lowest price – today's lowest price +DM: if up is greater than max (up, 0), + DM is equal to up, otherwise it is equal to 0 -DM: if down is greater than max (down, 0), - DM is equal to down, otherwise it is equal to 0 Calculate the true amplitude TR: Max (the difference between today's highest price and today's lowest price, the absolute value of the difference between today's highest price and yesterday's closing price, and the absolute value of the difference between today's lowest price and yesterday's closing price) Calculate trend index +DI(14):+DM(14)/TR(14)*100 -DI(14):-DM(14)/TR(14)*100 Calculate ADX DX:((+DI14)- (-DI14)/(+DI14)+(-DI14))*100 ADX:MA(DX,14) 5 The center of this strategy is that when the market reaches the extreme (ADX is greater than 50), there is a downward trend and a high point at the high level When the second K line determines the high point, if there is a high point short, on the contrary, there is a low point long. 6 After long, the stop loss is set at the low point of the last 6 K lines, and the stop profit is set to twice the stop loss distance. 7 After short, the stop loss is set at the high point of the last 6 K lines, and the stop profit is set to twice the stop loss distance. 8 This strategy can only make one multiple order at a time, or only one empty order After the previous order is closed, the subsequent order will continue to open. Applicable Market 1 Reverse Quotes Notes 1 Various parameters of the strategy can be set according to your understanding of the market. 2 The profit stop parameters can be set according to your own experience. 3 Strategic positions need to be set according to their loss tolerance. 4 this strategy is only effective for some symbols. Parameters 1 Lots: Trade volume.. 2 magics : EA magic. 3 adx_period : period parameters of ADX indicator 4 adx_limit : The limit value of ADX indicator is determined. The high point formed above this value is the effective high point, and the order can be made. 5 mul_sl : Stop profit is the multiple coefficient of stop loss. Advice and Risk: 1 It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 2 This tool does not guarantee that it will be profitable in the future. 3 It is better to use strategies on varieties with large market symbol..
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