Martin MT4 ForexWorld
Return on cycle+115.90%
Cycle of back testing(2023.05.01 - 2024.04.26)
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Applicable productsEURUSD etc.
Last Updated Time2022-10-31
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Backtesting data does not represent future performance

Martin's strategy is mainly used in symbol market, mainly used in small period and shock market, keep trading back and forth, adding up.

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EA Description
EA Name ForexWorld Feature Small period Martin, add up Functions 1. This strategy is mainly aimed at the small period shock market, and the overall profit is used to close the position after adding a position. 2. When there is no long order, the market will open a long order at the current price. After the order is opened, an initial take profit (tppoint) will be set, and no stop loss will be set. 3. After the loss of the first order, the order will be added at a certain interval (dispoint), and the add order can be set (lots series). 4. When the order is added to 20 orders, the added position of the order will increase in the form of multiples (add_times). 5. When the order is added, the order will use a unified take profit, and the take profit price will be placed a certain number of points above the cost price in the same direction as a whole (avetppoint). 6. When the time is away from the K-line that is a certain distance (close_k) from the first long position opening, it means that the market may enter a long-term downward market, and all positions are closed. 7. Short trading is the opposite of long trading. 8. This strategy can only be used on the market with a 5-minute period. 9. This strategy opens multiple orders in the same direction at the same time after adding positions. 10. This strategy works well on shokc symbol. Applicable Market Shock Quotes Notes 1. The parameters in the strategy can be set according to the test of the symbol. 2. The position of the strategy needs to be set by yourself according to your ability to bear losses (the default position is different from the test position). 3. This strategy can be used on shock symbol. 4. This strategy uses at least $10,000 to combat risk. 5. This strategy can only be used on the market with a 5-minute period. Parameters Avetppoint : After the long order is added, the avettpoint point above the cost price will be closed uniformly, and the short order will be the opposite. Magics : magic code. Dispoint : The distance to add the order after opening the order. Add_times : After adding 20 orders, add the position using multiples (add_times). Close_k : how many K-lines the position is held and all the positions will be closed. Lot1~Lot20 : each time an order is opened, the positions are added in turn. Advice and Risk: 1. It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 2. The profitability of this strategy test does not guarantee that the real offer will be profitable in the future. 3. This strategy can be used in a symbol of market trends that are easy to follow (EURUSD, EURGBP, AUDCAD), etc. 4. This strategy uses at least $10,000 to combat risk.