Step 1

Step 1
Connection notice
1.The cloud host needs to be connected to a real account, and cannot be connected to a demo account.
2. A real account can only be connected to one cloud host. If the real account has been connected to another cloud host, you need to log out of the previously connected cloud host to disconnect it.

Step 2

Step 2
Load WikiFXDefense instructions
1.In order to ensure the working of WikiFX VPS, your trading software needs to load and use WikiFXDefense, which can monitor your trading environment in real time, find out hidden costs, and distinguish the pros and cons of the platform
2.After opening MT4/MT5, the WikiFXDefense software will automatically import the WikiFXDefense into the trading software, which is displayed in the trading software navigation list as follows:
3.Load the WikiFXDefense in the trend window of any trading variety (you need to check "Allow DLL import"), as shown below:
4.If the Status displays are all 1, it means that the loading is successful and it can be used normally.

Step 3

Step 3
Several common cases of loading failure
1. If the account is a demo account, the above prompt will appear when loading the WikiFXDefense. The WikiFXDefense is only allowed to be loaded and used under the real account.
2. If the user has opened multiple VPS, has logged into the trading account on other VPS, and the trading account has loaded the WikiFXDefense, the above prompt will appear.
3. When loading the WikiFXDefense without checking "Allow DLL import", the above prompt will appear.

During the operation of the trading software, please do not uninstall the WikiFXDefense. If users want to load other EAs, they need to be loaded in other windows. Otherwise, the WikiFXDefense will stop monitoring, affecting the working of the VPS.

1.Whether the connection is successful is subject to the renewal conditions displayed on the APP;